The Egadi Archipelago and the Magic of its Depths

The Egadi archipelago is made up of three very beautiful islands: Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo, Maraone and Formica. This complex of islands is located about 9 miles west of Trapani, and is a real paradise thanks to a crystal clear sea and breathtaking scenery.

For those who want to reach this extraordinary place you can either opt for the Egadi ferries, and for those who want to get there faster with the Egadi hydrofoils. So, with Egadi ferries you can leave from many Italian ports such as Naples, Marsala and of course Trapani, and reach one of the three islands that form this fantastic archipelago.

Favignana is undoubtedly the most famous of the three islands, and in ancient times was called Aegusa, which translated means butterfly, or the shape that is attributed to the island. The name that is currently given to the island, however, comes directly from “foehn”, which is a very hot wind that blows from the west, and beats on the coast offering a warm climate to all visitors.

Favignana for its shape, offers tourists the opportunity to range from beaches of fine sand, up to caves to explore, all this surrounded by crystal clear waters that also allow those who love diving to benefit from unspoiled seabed and very rich in fish and vegetation. Cala Azzurra, Lido Burrone, i Calamoni are the golden sandy beaches of the island, while Punta Lunga, i Faraglioni, il Preveto, and Punta Sottile, have beaches that alternate between sand and pebbles where you can watch breathtaking sunsets. The rocky areas such as Grotta Perciata, Punta Fanfalo or Cavallo, where you can snorkel, are also very suggestive. To visit certainly Cala Rossa, or the Cave of Sighs, as well as the shoal of the Bull and the Galeotta, which offer unique scenarios of their kind.

Much smaller, indeed the smallest of the whole archipelago, the island of Levanzo is very wild and has only one urban agglomeration of just one hundred inhabitants. It is a small paradise, where silence reigns supreme, and nature finds its highest expression. The seabed of this island, in fact, has over four hundred rare species of plants, and is the strength of the marine reserve protected by the Egadi Islands.

Here, as in Favignana, you can visit an incredible number of beaches and caves. Not to be missed: the Grotta del Genovese, the Grotta dei Porci, the Grotta di Punta Cappero, the Grotta delle Pecore, the Grotta di Cala Tramontana and the Grotta del Palummo.

Marettimo, however, is undoubtedly the wildest island in the archipelago. Here really there is nothing but unspoilt nature, beautiful landscapes, and a precious heritage of vegetation and wildlife, which sees species so unique that they are a rarity for the Mediterranean. Trekking is certainly the main activity to be carried out on this island, so all those who love to be in contact with nature, can not help but make a stop at Marettimo, and enjoy these natural views that leave everyone speechless. 

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