Rome by Bike at Night

Have you ever thought of a night-time bike ride that would give you the chance to get to know one of the most culturally interesting cities in the world?

If you love history and cycling, we have the right tour for you. The meeting point is generally a square in the historic center of Rome, where you meet, each riding his or her own bike, to leave for the main archaeological sites and Roman monuments.

The initiative is very interesting and also offers the opportunity to meet groups of people while walking in the moonlight, surrounded by a typically romantic atmosphere.

To participate in this type of activity you need a comfortable bicycle and all the accessories needed to tackle the ride.

It is advisable to adopt sportswear and practical bicycle, avoiding the loose clothes that could get caught in the bike and make you lag behind the group. Bring with you a bottle of water, which you can fill if necessary along the streets of the capital, sprinkled with myriad fountains.

As for the type of bike that is best used for a walk of several hours, we recommend that you focus on the comfort of walking bikes, or city bikes, which have the characteristic of being very comfortable.

Walking bikes have the advantage of having a high handlebar, which allows you to maintain an upright posture, the wheels are smooth and promote balance and are available in different sizes, adaptable to anyone who uses them.

Today, walking bicycles are becoming a real way of life, as they are very comfortable and spacious and also allow you to carry envelopes and parcels.

Thanks to the progress of technology and materials used for manufacturing, today’s bicycles are resistant and performing, ideal for those who have to travel short distances every day.

Let’s not forget that the use of bicycles as a means of getting around the city contributes to a significant reduction in pollution, in favour of the environment and the community.

If you want to buy your first bike, take a look at the websites selling sports items, where you will find details of the models you prefer!

Now everyone is in the saddle, ready to transport you to the maximum splendor of a Rome that you have never seen!

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