Places to Visit in Milan in one Day

Milan is one of the most populated cities in Europe. Contrary to popular belief, this metropolis is not only characterised by fog and humidity, but above all by its monuments, museums and the many places of historical and cultural interest it possesses. 

To visit this city at 360 °, you do not need a week, but simply 24 hours, walking through the streets and monuments. 

What To Visit In Milan

Among the many interesting places that characterize the Lombard capital, there are those that at least once in a lifetime should be visited compulsorily. We have drawn up a list of the main places in Milan, in order to guide you through this charming city. 

Let’s start by proposing an itinerary that starts from the central station of the metropolis, a monumental building completely restored, which is worth observing for a few minutes.

If the walking route is not for you, remember that Milan offers a very efficient network of public services, which will allow you to move around the city in a short time. 

The first undisputed stop of our tour is the emblematic square of Milan, or Piazza del Duomo, very spacious and fascinating, at the center of which stands the Duomo, a cathedral in Gothic style, which dominates the entire square. From the terraces of the Duomo you can admire the entire view of the Alps, the city and the eighteenth-century Madonna, a gilded copper statue, located on top of the cathedral. 

On the left of the cathedral, you will find the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele secondo, another very important place for luxury shopping. Here you can admire the most prestigious boutiques and take a break sipping a coffee in one of the many bars. 

The Brera district is another place of artistic interest, where you can find both the Academy of Fine Arts and the Art Gallery. This area of Milan is the epicenter of Milan’s artistic expression, with its street artists and fortune-tellers who wander around the alleys. The Pinacoteca di Brera is known throughout the world for its heritage of works of art, which includes most of the Italian artists, such as Modigliani, Raffaello and many others. 

The Castello Sforzesco is the next stop, as it is another emblem of the Lombard city. This castle was the scene of repressive acts by the conquerors and the Lords of Milan. Today, this building houses most of the city’s museums, including the Egyptian Museum. 

At this point you will need a short stop to refresh yourself, take a shower and dedicate yourself to nightlife in Milan, which offers a wide range of places to drink, dance and have fun. Before getting into the nightlife of the nightclubs, you can easily rent a room by the hour, in one of the many hotels by the hour in Milan. 

After your post-tourist rest, you have earned an evening of entertainment in the main place of Milan’s nightlife, the Navigli. Until the nineteenth century, these canals were the port of the city, while today they are the main meeting points of the youth, mainly characterized by clubs, restaurants and bars. The advice is to walk along the Naviglio for a chat, sharpening the view because you might meet famous people and high fashion models, who enjoy the evening, between a local and another. 

With this mini day trip you will enjoy the main monumental and historical sites of the city, without forgetting the fun and entertainment of the Milanese evenings!

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