New Year’s Eve 2019 Offers: the Tricks to Save Money Without Sacrificing Comfort

We are now there in a few weeks will be filed in 2017 to welcome the new year, so let’s find out together what are the tricks to grab the best offers New Year 2018 with a good value for money.

We start by deciding the destination giving an eye to our wallet, the least expensive destinations where to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2018 are like every year the European capitals that are reached by flights from major Italian airports and that present a varied offer of accommodation for all budgets.

So it must be booked first of all the flight and then we must compare the various airlines that depart from the airports for us more comfortable, perhaps playing a little ‘with the dates, choosing low cost flights with only hand luggage, perhaps avoiding flights with one or more airports that would make us lose much of the holiday to wander around in the duty free airports.

But be careful to assess well the choice of schedules because usually the cheapest flights not only land in secondary airports, especially on New Year’s Eve, located also 100 km from the city center as can ‘happen to London, but in addition arrive or depart at night or in the early morning resulting in inconvenient for travel to and from the city.

Moving on to the choice of hotel, in most capitals the accommodations are really thousands and you have to be careful of the location and services in the rooms, because many hotels abroad offer great prices but then have the bathroom in common with other guests, or are far from the main attractions of the destination or even are located in basements without even a window!

After all this work maybe and I stress maybe you have found the offer New Year’s Eve 2018 that suits you!

But if you don’t like to spend hours at hours in exhausting searches, an excellent solution is to opt for the travel packages of the New Year’s Eve 2018 pre-packaged offers, available online. These packages, although low cost, are still flexible in terms of airports and accommodation, offering departures from major Italian cities and hotels from the tourist category up to the ultra-luxury.

On Lastminutebest.it there are in fact travel packages among the offers New Year’s Eve 2018 for European capitals with prices starting from 340 euros per flight and 3 nights in hotels of category 3* and in some cases also include transfers to and from the airport and one or more excursions or visits to the main attractions of the city.

And not only for the European capitals it is worth relying on pre-packaged offers but also and above all for the more expensive long-haul destinations where you have to face 30 hours of flight when 10 hours would be enough and staying in makeshift huts would be a real joke after spending a considerable amount of money!

For the more distant destinations in particular the tricks not to run into bad business concern the assessment of the airline offered since it is many hours of flight, onboard entertainment, on-site assistance of staff who speak our language and especially no less than the accommodation since once you arrive on site, especially in high season as New Year’s Eve, you can hardly ask to change village.

It is also important to know the climates of the places you intend to visit and in some cases to learn about the presence of the phenomenon of tides, very often in some islands in fact places located a few kilometers away from each other have completely different beaches, temperatures and beauty of the sea and this also explains the differences in prices that we find on the net.

For example, analyzing the offers new year 2018 we can find on Zanzibar prices below 2000 euros for villages located south of the island where the phenomenon of tides is very strong and prices also doubled for the beaches to the north where the phenomenon is non-existent and the sea enchanting.

So it is important to save money and find convenient offers for this New Year’s Eve 2018 but we must pay the utmost attention to evaluate well what we find in the network by analyzing the flight schedules, the airport of arrival and the hotel accommodations that are proposed to us in terms of category, services offered and location.

Not always in fact a great price corresponds to a comfortable accommodation, remember that it is still a holiday and therefore must be relaxing and not be more stressful than staying at home to prepare dinner for friends and family!

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