Marine Protected Areas to see Absolutely in Sardinia

Discover the Marine Reserves of Sardinia! 

Breathtaking depths, submerged treasure chests, hidden itineraries. 

Not only islands and archipelagos with uncontaminated seabeds, but real beauties of nature.

Marine Protected Area of Tavolata and Capo Coda Cavallo

The first AMP (Marine Protected Area) we are talking about is located near Olbia. 

It is the marine reserve of the island of Tavolara and Capo Coda Cavallo on the north-eastern coast. 

It starts from Capo Ceraso and with a succession of inlets, beaches, coves and headlands, it reaches Capo Coda Cavallo.

The park also includes the smaller islands of Molara and Molarotto. The park consists essentially of granite covered by a massive limestone, on whose rocks hides the blue lizard (unique in the world). Rich also the fauna, until a few years ago the monk seal was sighted frequently. Wonderful is the stretch of water that opens to the west of Molara specially called “the pools of molara” for its color and the extraordinary transparency of the seabed.

Proposed excursions

These are three-day itineraries in contact with nature and the uncontaminated marine landscapes that Tavolara knows how to offer us among small coves, beautiful and fragile, between large boulders of granite and breathtaking cliffs. The tour is not absolutely demanding and is organized for those who prefer relaxation to trekking. All places are reached by comfortable boats and boats accessible to all. The clarity of the water will give us the opportunity to see, even from the boat, colorful fish and transparent backgrounds.

Marine Protected Area “Peninsula of Sinis – Island of Belly Sick”.

The Peninsula of Sinis-Isola di Mal di Ventre (in the province of Oristano, in the middle of the western coast of Sardinia) is also a Marine Protected Area. Due to its ornithological importance of the ecosystem, it is considered a “wetland of international importance” according to the 1971 Ramsar Convention. This strip of coast with its historical/archaeological heritage (ruins of Tharros, a coastal city founded by the Phoenicians), cultural and landscape (Is Arutas and Mari Ermi, beaches consisting mainly of grains of white quartz) is also an area of important natural beauty of Sardinia.

Proposed Excursions

Each proposed itinerary winds around the Marine Protected Area of the Sinis Peninsula – Island of Mal di Ventre. The Marina Protetta area is one of the largest in Italy in terms of geographical extension. Its geomorphology, flora and fauna are of great interest to scholars and lovers of the sea.

Regional Natural Park of Porto Conte (Alghero)

The Regional Natural Park and the Capocaccia Marine Protected Area fall entirely within the territory of Alghero. It is the first regional protected area established in Sardinia and covers over 5000 hectares in the municipality of Alghero and includes some of the most spectacular landscapes in the Mediterranean: the cliffs of Capo Caccia, Punta Giglio and Punta Cristallo, the permo-triassic outcrops of Porticciolo and Cala Viola, the state forest “Le Prigionette”, the lagoon of Calich, and others. The gulf of Porto Conte (the “port of the nymphs” of the Romans) is characterized by very impervious and inaccessible stretches that preserve an important flora and fauna heritage. The limestone formations are remarkable, in part consisting of cliffs that are affected by a widespread karst caves emerged and submerged among the largest in the Mediterranean. Among them, the Cave of Neptune, which stretches for 2500 meters, made picturesque and famous throughout the world by the salt lake that crosses it.


Alghero is the ideal starting point for trekking excursions on foot along the numerous naturalistic and archaeological paths of the Regional Natural Park of Porto Conte. The activities are carried out with certified tourist guides who lead groups of hikers to discover the natural, scenic, historical and cultural riches of the area.

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