Ogliastra: Hidden pearl of Sardinia

It has been defined an amphitheatre on the sea because of the mountainous hinterland dominated by the Gennargentu massif and the Supramonte plateaus that plunge into the blue sea of the east coast of Sardinia and a coastline that alternates long beaches of fine sand and rocky cliffs overlooking the...

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5 places to see in the USA

The United States of America has always been the dream destination for millions of people every year. Its territory is so extensive that it presents different climates and natural environments, as well as numerous cities to visit. 

Logically, touring the whole of America in a single trip is prac...

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Places to Visit in Milan in one Day

Milan is one of the most populated cities in Europe. Contrary to popular belief, this metropolis is not only characterised by fog and humidity, but above all by its monuments, museums and the many places of historical and cultural interest it possesses. 

To visit this city at 360 °, you do not n...

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